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Some Major Precautions and Preventions Against Coronavirus

The World Health Organization has declared coronavirus COVID-19 as an epidemic disease. On a serious note, it is a global emergency. It all started on December 31st, 2019 when suddenly people in China went unconscious out of minor symptoms like cough and cold. The contamination started to spread widely and China had to alert WHO about those unusual cases of pneumonia in Wuhan. By now, the virus was not detected. Within hours the number of infected people grew which set an alarm for the rest of the world. On the 5th of January in China, the officials ruled out that it was a repetition of the SARS virus which was later identified as the novel virus 2019-nCoV now known as coronavirus. The virus kept spreading. The first case outside China was registered in Thailand, where a woman was found infected who recently made her arrival from Wuhan. Later on, countries like the United States, Nepal, France, Australia, Malaysia, Singapore, South Korea, Vietnam, Taiwan, and India confirmed cases. People showed similar symptoms to those of China, and the most alarming situation has not stopped yet. Scientists are still working on an anti dose for the virus. 

Worldometer confirmed that the coronavirus COVID-19 is affecting 111 countries and territories around the world and 145,753 Cases and 5,436 Deaths.


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What is coronavirus

It is a novel virus belongs to the coronavirus family. It includes common cold cough and other symptoms of SARS as well that are related to the respiratory system… It is believed that the contamination was spread by some seafood purchased by a 61-year-old man, who later died out of this virus. 


How does it spread

Coronavirus is a contagious disease. It spread through human contact as well as any other material that is touched by an infected person. It spreads through sneezing, coughing, kissing, using towels or other things of a patient. If a patient stands in a crowd and sneezes, all other people who come in contact with the sneeze droplets and then they touch their mouth, face or nose may get contaminated by the virus. If a patient shakes hand with other people after coughing in his hands, the other person will get affected by this disease. Any type of physical or external contact with the infected is the major cause of spreading the virus. 


Precautions against coronavirus 


  • Avoid crowded places – the crowded place is the first target for the virus to spread. We never realize how many people touched us and what material did we come in contact with. Contamination is most likely to happen in-crowd. Avoid it until not required. In case of any emergency use masks and gloves. 
  • Don’t share your belongings – don’t share your stuff with anyone. Not even your family. Keep your towels, clothes, masks separate. 
  • Use masks scientists have proved that the virus is very small in size. The 3-layered mask is recommended as the virus is minute particle and invisible by the naked eye
  • The virus does not survive in the air so it does not spread through the air. It is grounded and thus does not transmit through air. 
  • Wash your hands -the virus survives on any metal surface for 12 hours. In case of suspicion wash the surface and your hands with soap and water. It will clean the virus immediately. 
  • Laundry regularly -coronavirus stays on any fabric around 9 hours. Regular washing of clothes and drying them in the sun will kill the virus. 
  • Use hand sanitizer – the virus can live on your hands for 10 minutes. So keep a sanitizer in your pocket. Using it after any kind of exposer will keep you safe. 
  • Keep warm – this virus cannot survive in temperature more than 26 degrees to 28 degrees. It cannot live in hot regions. To exposing to the sun will do the trick. Eating and drinking warm food and water will help. Avoid cold food like frozen and ice creams. 
  • Hot bath – hot shower will keep your body clean and the germs at a bay. Take a bath with hot water and gargle with warm saltwater. It will kill the tonsils germs and prevent our lungs from getting infected.
  • Avoid touching your face – An average person touches their face 23 times an hour. So avoiding this will help the virus to spread before you wash your hands.



Prevention from coronavirus 

As of now, no valid medicine has been prescribed as a cure for this virus. But in case if a person is diagnosed with the virus he or she should be immediately isolated and admitted to the hospital. Medicins prescribed by the doctors should be effectively given to the patient. 

Have patience, do not panic 

We all know its a global emergency. The root cause of the virus has not been detected yet. No effective medicine is available in the market. People are getting affected and losing their lives. It is indeed worrisome, but such situations aren’t any new. We had numerous such cases back in time. History witnesses the number of such cases. Cholera, smallpox, bubonic plague, influenza were some cruel killers in our living history. Outbreaks of these diseases too were global. It affected people throughout the world. It is believed that around 300 to 500 people were killed during its years of existence. it became like a deadly virus that made people migrate to other countries and still not survive. Initially, the situation was similar as of now because of coronavirus, but gradually, researchers discovered the anti dose for these diseases and they are no more existing even. No doubt we are scared of the virus as of now, but it’s not worth to panic and stress ourselves. Very soon, our scientists will come out with an anti coronavirus medicine and sooner everything will fall in place. Whatever nation we belong to, our government is not sitting idle. They are equally working on the project and trying their level best to fight out this deadly virus out of the world. Today our duty towards our nation is to cooperate with the government and maintain peace and harmony. The more we panic, the more things will get tougher. Our moral duty is to maintain precautions and spread knowledge to the rest of the world.


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